A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A 2D multiplayer fighting/adventure platformer, where people create their own players, arenas, and adventures from scratch. Test your creative abilities in this colorless, yet limitless, world!


  • Create your player, from the abilities they can use, to their animations
  • Create arenas and adventures from nothing. This includes drawing the blocks (which you can use for other worlds later)
  • Join other people's arenas and adventures with your own player

This game is free and open source. The source code for the current version can be downloaded here, but the very latest source code is up on GitLab.

Some things to note:

  • This game shares your public and private IP to a master server when creating a lobby, so that it can give it to others who are willing to connect to your lobby. If you don't feel like this is safe, don't play on Public Play or host a lobby.
  • This game is in development. Don't expect any adventures/arenas created in the current version to work in the next version.

You can visit the game's webpage up on my website. It has an FAQ and a tutorial. I highly recommend you read both.

Install instructions

Simply extract all the contents of the zip file into a folder, and run the executable. In Windows, it might mention that the executable isn't safe/certified to run. Whether you choose to trust me or not is up to you, I can't really do anything about that ;)


linux64Build.zip 4 MB
win32Build.zip 7 MB
grayscaleSource.zip 4 MB

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